LivSmarter is a mass market weight-loss programme targeting a male audience.

We created various marketing materials for this brand, but our first task was to devise a name and an identity for LivSmarter. For the logo we used a palette of navy and orange to target a male audience with a modern, bold font beside the ‘active man’ graphic depicting the LS of the LivSmarter brand.


LivSmarter logo design by Collective Creative
We also created those all important brand guidelines to make sure any future marketing materials were consistent with the LivSmarter identity.
Because of our extensive experience working with food packaging, particularly with health brands such as Weight Watchers, we were asked to translate the branding we had created for LivSmarter onto packaging for various products under this name, including snack bars and shakes.
LivSmarter Snack Bars packaging designed by Collective Creative

Singles packaging for LivSmarter snack bars - chocolate & orange, chocolate, cranberry & orange and red berry flavours

Liv Smarter Shake box packaging designs by Collective Creative - Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla

Shake single sachet designs for LivSmarter - Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla flavourStrawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate Shake Tubs - Packaging for LivSmarter



As part of the weight-loss programme, participants received a branded toolkit, the contents of which were designed by us. This included a shaker bottle, a shake sachet, a snack bar and an introductory pamphlet and weekly food tracker.

Liv Smarter Toolbox Design

Inside the LivSmarter Toolbox - Shake sachet, snack bar, shaker bottle and brochure

Shaker Bottle Design for LivSmarter



Aside from the various product lines we created packaging for, we were also heavily involved with other offline marketing pursuits, including designing print ads to display toilet stalls and urinals as well as beer mats to advertise the brand in local pubs. We also created press advertisements which were shown on bus sides and in the sports section of various national newspapers as well as in the form of sideline banner ads on the football pitch to attract LivSmarter’s target audience.






Large Print Outdoor Bus Side Advertisement for LivSmarter