With an already established brand and striking identity, Munchy Seeds, an independent snack­food retailer, came to Collective to see if we could help them launch the ‘Choccy’ arm of their business.



For the packaging design of these chocolate coated snacks, our client wanted to retain certain elements of the brand styling but were eager to give the new line a personality of its own to help differentiate it from their existing range and make it stand out on the shelf.

We discussed various options with Munchy Seeds before deciding to keep the basic composition already established but to use shiny silver packaging coupled with black for a palette that would communicate the product as something special and a real treat. We used wider and slightly shorter dimensions for the ‘Choccy’ sachet packaging ­ again to differentiate it from the savoury line but also to suit the new single display packaging boxes. We created these using a rich brown choc/seed textured background and curved edges to reiterate the luxury aspect of the range.



Shortly after, we were asked to design a print ad for a promotion which needed to show Munchy Seeds as a delicious and healthy accompaniment to everyday dishes. We composed the image to accentuate how the addition of the tasty, textured Munchy Seeds can liven up even a simple salad for a nutritious yet mouth­wateringly good dish. After working with Munchy Seeds for several years now, our knowledge of the products and the overall identity of the brand has enabled us to collaborate in creating further print marketing materials such as exhibition artwork, leaflets, stationery and trade price-­lists.

Our hugely rewarding relationship with Munchy Seeds has continued to grow since we developed the designs for their ‘Choccy’ range. More recently, we have refreshed the packaging for their existing and new products lines to give more prominence to the vast range of flavours on offer. Each product has been given its own personality through use of colour and font type whilst the different variations and mascots of the Munchy Seed logo remain key as an indicator of brand quality.