Whilst it’s tempting to go the whole hog when it comes to your marketing efforts, sometimes stepping back and stripping back your strategy is the way forward. There are so many branches of marketing available from SEO, web development, UI, UX, PPC, content marketing, redesign, social and more – and whilst each and every one of these is beneficial to your business, it’s really important to evaluate what strategy will best meet your goals and help you stay true to your USP. 

Your USP is what makes your company stand out. It’s what should disrupt the market and enable you to take centre stage. Your unique selling point is what makes you your customer’s or client’s number one choice – so when it comes to building a marketing plan to elevate your business, you need to take into consideration what will best compliment your company’s mission and ethos. 

For example, let’s take the popular ITV show Love Island. Known for having beautiful people spending a summer of love on a beautiful Spanish island in a dreamy villa – people are keen to see what the contestants are wearing, with clothes retailers ready to launch collections emulating the styles seen and worn on the show. Fast fashion has always been hot on the heels of programmes like this, usually being the head sponsors and getting a lot of advertising in the process. However, Love Island has switched it up massively this year – and the company that will be dressing this year’s contestants is eBay!

Staying true to its USP, Love Island has always been about being unpredictable, literally, anything can happen on the show. We’ve seen shock dumpings, recouplings, walk-outs, blossoming relationships and all sorts so this new change in direction when it comes to sponsorship aligns with their brand. They like to set new trends and the buzzword over the last year or so has certainly been surrounding sustainability. 

Whilst this is just one example of ways in which a brand can stay true to its USP, there are plenty of ways you can make sure that all of your marketing goals align – maintaining strong brand cohesion and consistency. That’s not to say you can’t shake it up from time to time, of course, you can! But having a clear set of rules and a direction to follow will help streamline your marketing efforts. 

One way in which we can assist you in achieving this is by helping to create a firm set of brand guidelines. We can design and artwork your entire brand from top to bottom. Starting with your logo and leading into your web design, and social media aesthetic and weaving this into any materials you need in print or digital format – at Collective, we can make sure you have the full package required to become a familiar and memorable brand. 

If you’re unsure of what your USP is – we can help with that too. By brainstorming ideas, slogans, messaging and utilising competitor research, we can help you create a unique and engaging brand. It’s not always who shouts the loudest, you just need to be clever about it!