Every day we are exposed to a ream of content in varying formats across social media platforms, in our email boxes, via push notifications to our tablets and phones and even through our letterboxes at home. We are faced with a steady stream of advertisements, promos and pieces of content tailored to encourage us to take an action… to look, research, consider and buy.

It’s called the buyer journey. It starts with brand awareness (becoming aware of a brand or product.) Then once we have shown some legitimate interest in that brand or product, suddenly it follows us around and we see it in banner ads on websites we visit, in adverts at the beginning or in the middle of videos we watch, sometimes we see it on television or it pops up on our social media feeds. Eventually, at some point in that process, we create a number of touch points with that brand/product which leads us to enquire, compare and eventually buy something. 

The journey doesn’t end there, we are then encouraged to become a loyal customer to that brand, and are often remarketed to in various ways to make that happen.

Marketing is often focused on the psychology of human behaviour. What makes someone want to click on something and take an action? How many touch points does a typical user go through before it results in a sale? What type of adverts or content result in the most conversions? These are all questions digital marketers are keen to know the answer to in order to achieve growth and success. 

A lot of digital marketing is based around asking the right questions and then using data, A/B testing and trials to find the answers. No one size fits all. It depends on your business, your audience, your product, your positioning, your messaging… there are many different components to finding out what makes your customers/clients tick. 

That’s where we come in 

We offer a range of services to help get your digital presence up to scratch so that anyone landing on your website, social media platforms, receiving your emails, seeing your paid ads and having any interaction with your brand –  comes away having had a positive experience. 

We can:

  • Make your website look and feel professional, with well-written and relevant content that is optimised for search engines. 
  • We can advise on the best ways to reach your target audience by conducting an audit on your current efforts and recommending improvements and suggested tactics/techniques
  • We can create a comprehensive SEO plan to help get your digital assets ranking well in major search engines and to assist in getting your content in front of the right people at the right time
  • We can manage and run any paid campaigns you would like to run across social media platforms as well as Google Search. (PPC)
  • We can tailor content for various uses: for social media posts, blog articles, email newsletters and more
  • We can manage and improve your social media pages, creating unique and attractive content that encourages engagement
  • We can design on-brand materials to support your business, from flyers and posters through to digital formats

And this is just a small sample of our service offering.

Interested? Why not get in touch? We look forward to hearing from you.