The benefit of having a go-to marketing team for all of your digital needs is huge. Whilst marketers fight between themselves about what is more important… SEO or PPC. A CMS or a CRM. A content marketing strategy or a focus on link building. In reality, the answer is a team that can provide all of the digital marketing services you need and that are relevant to the results you want to achieve.

We know that a good digital marketing strategy includes a high performing website, that has well thought out UX and good quality, relevant content that will rank well in search engines. We know that in order to achieve that you need to select an easy to use and quality CMS, you need well-optimised and high-quality graphic design and content. You need the very best in technology and tools to make sure your website hits the spot.

Once your website is firing on all cylinders we know you need to get it seen to drive traffic to the pages. We know that PPC, social, google ads, SEO, link building and more is needed to work together to deliver on all fronts.

But it doesn’t stop there

It’s not a case of getting the job done and then sitting back and seeing results. It doesn’t work like that. And any good SEO knows that it’s a long-term process that needs to be tweaked and tinkered with overtime, to continuously reassess and make improvements as you go, responding to outside factors and more. And it isn’t just the SEO strategy that should be a continuous process. Content should be refreshed regularly, social media needs to be kept up to date, a website refresh should happen every so often too and the user experience should always be front of mind.

So how do you keep up with it all? 

You hire a marketing team or agency to manage it for you. Again, it’s not a case of delegating the work and sitting back to reap the rewards. You’ll want to be involved in every stage to make sure you’re getting what you most want out of it. You will want to be involved in the direction the strategy takes and be kept in the loop weekly or monthly with a report on what is being spent, where it’s being spent and the results it is producing.

Whilst you may feel that the world of digital marketing is something difficult to keep up with and understand, any good team or agency will help you understand the data, explain what it means and assist in involving you in the decisions when it comes to the strategy and different options available.

Other benefits

Not only do you get expert advice, expert service and expert knowledge but you get industry insight that you may not otherwise have gained. Your marketing team or agency works in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry that is always evolving. From changes in technology to updates to functionality – this information is essential to a digital marketing strategy. A simple algorithm change could make you pivot when it comes to a certain strategy you may be undertaking. Being in the know is worth its weight in goal.

All in all, a good marketing team or agency will provide you with all of the tools you need to succeed. They will act as a part of your company and with collaborative teamwork, you can really rely on your marketing department to be ahead of the curve to maximise your marketing efforts and results.