The Workstation is an exciting business with an ever-expanding portfolio of offices based within prime locations. They specialise in renting out commercial properties to small businesses and freelance professionals, as well as providing virtual services such as mail forwarding, a registered business address and a company telephone number.

The Workstation came to us with branding and a website that needed some work – both the language and look did not say enough about what they offered.

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So our first priority was to take time to sit down with our client and decide what we wanted to say, how we wanted to say it and who we were saying it to. This invaluable information gave us an idea of how we would move forward with the logo and website redesign and also enabled us to develop branding guidelines and a clear marketing strategy for The Workstation, going forward.

The main bulk of the rebranding and web design work had a really tight deadline as we both were eager to see this stage of the project completed in time for the official opening of The Workstation’s St Neots Business Centre by MP, Jonathan Djanogly.




Following our consultations with The Workstation, we immediately set to work developing logo and strapline ideas that together would convey all that this growing company had to offer at a glance.

The logo chosen was a simple empty office chair, placing The Workstation within the professional, business market and offering to the customer the prospect of a empty chair, ready and waiting for them and their business. In contrast to this, the casual font used for the brand name implied both flexibility and creativity. This idea was reinforced through the use of colour, coupling a more demure black tone with a vibrant shade of green. Our client was also very pleased with our suggestion of a strapline: ‘A Base For Your Business’ which we felt would speak to all of their customers, regardless of service and location used, and would help provide a shorthand about what The Workstation is all about.

Designing the logo really helped us to develop style guidelines which we were able to easily transfer to a mobile friendly site. As well as completely redesigning their website with a more user-friendly approach in mind, we also rewrote and condensed all of the copy, again, to present a clearer message about The Workstation’s locations and services.

We’re pleased to say that that the branding and web redesign stage of the project was completed well within the deadline. So much so, that we were able to create a promotional video with branded graphics and animation as well as promotional banners for use at the grand opening of the St Neots Business Centre.

Following the success of our work with The Workstation so far, we have also been commissioned to manage their online marketing efforts – including SEO, email and social media marketing.