Following the success of the update of the Greek Style yoghurt packaging for Yoplait, Collective was asked to create the packaging guidelines for Weight Watchers. This document is published as the recommended style guide for all Weight Watchers’ licensees to follow and directly impacts all product packaging created under this brand.

Our brief was to create packaging guidelines with an emphasis on freshness and vitality that would stand out on the shelf and communicate clearly why this product is the smart choice for customers.So we got to work creating a style that complimented the healthy and uplifting attitudes of the brand. Our guideline document used the history of the business along with the Weight Watchers vision and manifesto as a foundation to create the latest styling notes. It was important for us to ensure that the guidelines we set out complimented the existing brand identity whilst being progressive and appealing to the modern customer.

WWPackagingGuidelineUpdate_FontsOne of the most significant updates was the separation of the product name from the logo for a more balanced layout. The existing sunburst Weight Watchers logo would remain in the top left of the design as the light source.

For the product title typography we offered four contemporary, bold, white styles of font that would create a vivid contrast against the rich blue gradient background.

For other key visual elements such as the imagery, we encouraged the use of high quality yet simple photography to present the key fresh ingredients of the product to entice customers.

Nutritional information and key health benefits are obvious selling points of products under the Weight Watchers brand. Our guidelines accentuate these elements with the use of bright green flashes to present calorie information and, similarly, yellow flashes to highlight other benefits.



This is the second time we have worked with Weight Watchers to produce their packaging guidelines. Our long­standing relationship with this brand and its licensees is a testament to our reputation as both forward­ thinking and dependable packaging designers. Along with Yoplait, we have created packaging under the Weight Watchers brand for several other licensees including Victoria Foods, Petty Wood, Paramount Foods, Snacks Unlimited, Ice Fresh Foods, Bakemark and Walkers Shortbread.

The new guidelines came into effect in September 2014. Since then we have been responsible for designing the latest packaging for the full range of Walker Shortbread biscuits made for Weight Watchers, of which, there are 26 varieties with further designs created for inners and different sized packs.