With the current economic situation, the cost of living crisis is having a knock-on effect on households and businesses across the UK. With brands looking to plan and organise themselves ahead of Christmas (yes we know it’s early to talk about it, but we must be prepared!) it is starting to become apparent that a focus on increasing consumer confidence is needed.

UK inflation eased fractionally in August, falling from an annual rate of 10.1% in July to 9.9%, according to the Office for National Statistics. However, it remains close to the highest rate in 40 years.

Whilst many people are most likely going to be looking for cost savings and better budgeting solutions, brands need to tune in and ‘read the room’ so to speak. Offering value and protecting your brand should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy over the next three months, as we head towards the festive period.

How a brand can add value during financially turbulent times include:

Showing support and understanding

It’s important, particularly for brands with a long-standing and loyal following, to be in tune in order to create meaningful connections with their audience. This could mean getting involved with food banks if your brand is in the food and drink market, or clothes brands / second-hand clothing if your brand is in retail. There are ways in which you can stay connected to your target market whilst remaining authentic and true to your brand identity. This is the time to think carefully about collaborations, about what your Christmas ‘product’ or ‘deal’ is going to be, and thinking about whether it will add value to an audience that may be less likely to want to spend this year, with the cost of groceries, energy bills, mortgages and more at risk of rising.

Localised marketing is key

When people look to budget better they will start to look into what is available in their local area. So if you haven’t marketed to your local area then you’re missing a trick. Not only are people looking to help local businesses, particularly at this time of year, but you can also give back by offering a deal or better benefits for those customers that are local to you.

Personalisation will be appreciated

It’s been a rough ride for many, over the last three years. First, the pandemic hit and reduced the ability to socialise, then people were furloughed or made redundant, taking a huge toll on people emotionally and physically. This Christmas may feel a little bit more normal than the last few, but it’s key to remember that for some it might not be the same. With loved ones lost, money being tight and mental health at a crisis point, personalisation will be a good way to connect with your target audience and make them feel understood, heard and respected.

All in all, your usual approach to Christmas marketing may not be the correct one. It might be that you need to change things up, think of a new approach and adapt to how life has changed.

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